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Law Library Orientation

General Policies

  • Please refrain from being disruptive Sounds travels easily in the Law Library, especially in the areas around the large, central stairwell. While there are no designated "No Talking" or "Silent" zones, please be respectful of your fellow students and library patrons and keep sound and conversations from being disruptive. The Law Library has several group study rooms perfect for collaborative and group study sessions that may be reserved online
  • Please refrain from using cell phones in the library Sounds travels easily in the library. Please refrain from using cell phones in the library in any area other than the main library hallway, the lounge (203D), or the outside sitting area at the end of the main hallway.
  • Please refrain from using tobacco products in the library UA is a smoke-free campus. Tobacco products, including vape pens and chewing tobacco, are prohibited in the law library.
  • Only snack foods are permitted in the library For sanitation and health reasons, please refrain from bringing greasy, sticky, or smelly foods into the La Library. Snack foods, such as candy and granola bars, are permitted.
  • Only spill-resistant beverage containers are permitted Coffee mugs, water bottles, and other spill-proof beverage containers are permitted. The Law Library has three water bottle filling stations, one near the main entrance and one on each floor near the elevator.
  • Please place recycling and trash in appropriate bins The Law Library receives an appropriate level of custodial services for a library, not a dining hall. Please be sure to promptly and properly dispose of all wrappers, food containers, papers, and other items in the appropriate trash or recycle bins located throughout the Law Library.
  • Please place all library books and materials on the red reshelving carts Small red book carts are placed throughout the Law Library and near the copy machines and study rooms. Please place any library items you have finished using on one of these carts for reshelving.
  • The library is not responsible for misplaced or stolen items While theft is not a common problem in the Law Library, we advise you to not leave personal items unattended.  The Law Library maintains a Lost & Found at the circulation desk and will hold found items until the end of each summer. There is also a building Lost & Found located at the Security Desk near the west building entrance.
  • Be mindful and respectful of others studying around you. The library has several different types of seating and study spaces, all designed to accommodate different study habits, as described elsewhere in this orientation guide.


After-hours Access Policy

Law Students have 24/7 access to the Law Library. After-hours access requires an ACT Card or the ACT Card App

Please act safely and responsibly and

  • Keep your ACT Card or phone with you at all times;
  • Do not prop open doors to the building or the library;
  • Do not attempt to enter staff areas or other locked rooms and offices;
  • Do not enter the area behind the circulation desk;
  • Do not admit members of the public or any non-law students into the library or building;
  • Be aware of your surroundings; know where emergency phones and exits are located; and
  • Report suspicious or dangerous situations and activity to UA Police (205-348-5454) or via an emergency phone


Severe Weather & Other Alerts

  • UA Alerts Ensure you have signed up for UA emergency and weather alerts and know what to do in the event of a weather or other emergency.