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by Justin Huston on 2023-01-20T12:53:00-06:00 | 0 Comments
Cover ArtJob Quest for Lawyers by Sheila Nielsen
Call Number: KF297 .N54 2011
ISBN: 9781616329631
Publication Date: 2012-04-16
From Amazon: "This book provides step-by-step guidance that finally makes networking inspiring instead of a chore. The 'quest' motif applies to each stage of the job search. The book demystifies networking by including illustrations from the author's own experiences and from the stories of her clients that provide examples of the real world do's and don'ts of how to conduct a productive job search."
Cover ArtPracticing Law in Small-Town America by R. L. Hermann
Call Number: KF297 .H447 2012
ISBN: 9781614387411
Publication Date: 2014-08-07
From Amazon: "Practicing Law in Small-Town America, in three distinct and thorough parts, paints a picture of what small-town practice is like in its rich diversity, examines how local practitioners got to where they are, and details what an aspiring small-town lawyer needs to know and do in order to locate in--or relocate to--a small community. The book includes everything information on everything from Where to locate to what to do when you get there. The book also includes appendices on what's out there, a small-town due diligence checklist, best and worst places to relocate, additional information sources and a thorough bibliography, and an in-depth look at the history of one of the representative towns featured in the book, Canandaigua, New York."
Cover ArtTelling Your Story by Jo Ellen Dardick Lewis
Call Number: KF297 .L49 2017
ISBN: 9781611638899
Publication Date: 2017-06-01
From Amazon: "Everyone has a story, and in a professional context, students tell their stories in resumes and cover letters ― two of the most important pieces of persuasive writing they will ever draft. Telling Your Story uses techniques students learn in legal writing classes to teach them how to draft memorable resumes and cover letters. This book can be used as part of a legal writing curriculum, as a weeklong or weekend course on professional development, or by career advisors (both in law school and undergraduate school) when working with students.
When used as part of a legal writing curriculum, it provides a framework to draft resumes and cover letters one step at a time and avoid the familiar rush to meet a deadline, which often results in something less than memorable. The book starts by focusing on audience and purpose, like all effective legal writing. Students are encouraged to think about their professional goals by completing a questionnaire and to work with career advisors to fine-tune their resumes and cover letters for specific internships.
Each chapter includes: 1) the purpose of a specific section of a resume or cover letter; 2) a step-by-step guide to drafting that section; 3) annotated 'before and after' student samples; and 4) a checklist. The student sample resumes are divided into groups based on years of work experience before law school and the sample cover letters are grouped by the level of connection a student has to the potential employer. The book includes chapters on writing samples, requesting references and recommendation letters, and job prospecting and networking tips."
Cover ArtThriving in the Legal Profession by Pamela Pierson; Kenneth Minturn; Adolph Reich II
Call Number: KF297 .P54 2018
ISBN: 9781640206137
Publication Date: 2018-01-26
From the publisher: "Thriving in the Legal Profession is designed for use as a course book, as a supplement in ongoing related courses such as legal professions or law office practice, and as a resource for law school auxiliary programs such as career services, student support, and financial aid and counseling."
Cover ArtThe Lawyer's Guide to Finding Success in Any Job Market by Richard L. Hermann
Call Number: KF297 .H44 2009
ISBN: 9781607145219
Publication Date: 2009-10-06
From Amazon: "Though it’s thought that law is a perennial career, todays legal eagles are learning otherwise. And as recent news coverage suggests, most are in desperate need of guidance on how to keep their jobs and what to do if they’re let go. The legal landscape has shifted, and keen lawyers must know how to navigate it.


With 25 years in legal career counseling, Hermann helps attorneys deal with downsizing in a precarious economy. The book provides a savvy outlook on the current job scene, with specific topics that include: opportunities impervious to economic flux; beating recession depression; using a law degree outside the mainstream; combining career opportunities; maximizing contacts; nailing an interview; and relocation considerations.

This book focuses primarily on the job-search process for attorneys who’ve been recently displaced, with additional tips for those who wish to redirect their career focus as a result."

Cover ArtManaging Your Legal Career by Richard L. Hermann
Call Number: KF297 .H45 2010
ISBN: 9781604429008
Publication Date: 2011-07-16
From Amazon: "To compete in today's tight job market, you need up-to-date, reliable information on how to manage this phase of your legal career. This thorough guide―divided into short, specific sections that touch on what you'll need to do before your new job hunt, while you're looking, as you're sitting in the interview, once you've gotten an offer, and everything in between―covers everything you need to know."
Cover ArtRoadmap by Neil W. Hamilton
Call Number: KF297 .H29 2018
ISBN: 9781641050227
Publication Date: 2019-05-07
From the publisher: "Roadmap is a guide to sharpen your awareness of the characteristics most valued in the workplace-whether it is in a law firm, a company, or a government entity. The map encourages you to use your time in law school to develop the competencies important to your future. The book helps the reader form a conscious plan to demonstrate these self-development experiences."
Cover ArtA Short and Happy Guide to Being a Lawyer by Kenney Hegland; Paul Bennett
ISBN: 9781647084127
Publication Date: 2021-04-14
From the publisher: "A Short and Happy Guide to Being a Lawyer is a concise and entertaining tour of some basic lawyering skills for law students and new lawyers. The authors – two experienced law professors – use humor and apt quotes to introduce (or refresh) readers in many of the basic competencies that lawyers need to acquire. This short guide offers insights into interviewing, counselling, legal writing, trial preparation, trial skills and other stuff with some 'Advice for All Seasons' – all designed to help young lawyers approach the many challenges and rewards of being a lawyer.
Some of this is dry stuff. This guide will lighten the load with bad jokes, spiffy quotes, and existential musings. The guide doesn’t cover everything a new lawyer needs to know, but it covers a lot."
Cover ArtLaw Jobs by Andrew McClurg; Christine Coughlin; Nancy Levit
ISBN: 9781640202054
Publication Date: 2019-09-23
From the publisher: "Choosing a legal career that fits a student’s personality, skillset, and aspirations is the most important and difficult decision a law student faces, yet only a small number of law schools incorporate career-planning into their curriculums. Law Jobs: The Complete Guide seeks to fill the gap. Written by three award-winning professors, Law Jobs is a comprehensive, reader-friendly guide to every type of legal career. Packed with authoritative research and featuring comments from more than 150 lawyers who do the jobs, Law Jobs offers in-depth exploration of each career option, including general background, pros and cons, day in the life descriptions, job availability, compensation, prospects for advancement, diversity, and how students can best position themselves for opportunities in the field."
Cover ArtBecoming a Lawyer by Toni Jaeger-Fine
ISBN: 9781640201996
Publication Date: 2018-11-28
From the publisher: "The difference between your success and failure is you. Success is not about your degrees or technical skills. It has nothing to do with law at all. A successful professional masters concepts and behaviors not taught in law school or practice. This guide will help you see the profession and what is required to succeed in a new light. Whether you are a new or more seasoned professional, Becoming a Lawyer will help you define and develop your professional persona and become the best legal professional you can be."
Cover ArtA Short and Happy Guide to Being Hired by Desiree Jaeger-Fine
ISBN: 9781683289821
Publication Date: 2018-04-18
From the publisher: "Your job search does not have to be long and miserable—it can be short & happy. There is no need for networking stunts or interviewing gimmicks. A successful job search is a simple job search. This book shares everything you need to know without exhausting your patience with unnecessary detail. From finding opportunities, to your online and offline search, to your cover letter, your resume, interview questions, networking, and offer negotiation, this book covers underlying principles that will accelerate your job search. Put your worries aside and pick up this book."
Cover ArtFrom Finals to the Firm: The Top Ten Things New Associates Should Know by Gladney, Calvin H.; Millien, Raymond; Millien, Raymond
ISBN: 9781642422313
Publication Date: 2018-10-05
From the publisher: "From Finals to the Firm is written in a humorous, informal tone, yet offers provocative and practical tips that will assist law students and younger associates in their transition from law school to the law firm. The book also includes a 'bonus chapter' exclusively for summer associates and also offers senior attorney rebuttals to the Top Ten! The authors, and former Washington, D.C. large-firm senior associates and small-company general counsels, wrote the book to help students avoid some of the pitfalls and 'trial by fire' type learning they faced at the firm. Regardless of whether the goal is to make partner, go in-house or leave the practice of law altogether, the book offers informative, inspirational and insightful advice that will lead to a more rewarding law firm experience and more productive associates!"
Cover ArtA Short and Happy Guide to Judicial Clerkships by Tessa Dysart
ISBN: 9781685610623
Publication Date: 2023-01-11
From the publisher: "Let’s face it—there are many aspects of law school that resemble the secret menu at a restaurant. If no one lets your students in on the secrets of law school, they might miss out on career-building opportunities. Judicial clerkships certainly fall into this category. And, at many law schools, only the ultra-competitive federal appellate clerkships receive much promotion. But students should also know that there are a vast array of federal, state, administrative, Tribal, and international clerkship opportunities out there.
This book will walk your students through the secret menu of judicial clerkships. Capitalizing on her nearly two decades of working with judges, Professor Dysart has written this Guide to delve into the details of judicial clerkships including: what are clerkships and what different types of clerkships are available. The Guide then outlines the benefits of clerking and refutes common arguments against clerking. It provides detailed advice on determining which judges to apply to, how to research judges, how to compile effective clerkship applications, and how to interview for clerkships. The Guide concludes with information on making the most of the clerkship year and ethical considerations for clerks.
While the book is specifically geared toward future and current law students, it also offers advice for recent graduates seeking clerkships, career services offices, and professors who write letters of recommendations and advise students on clerkships."
Cover ArtThe Legal Career by Katrina Lee
ISBN: 9781684671496
Publication Date: 2020-05-26
From the publisher: "This first-of-its kind business of law coursebook covers critical topics in the evolving legal profession. A fascinating, informative read for any law student or lawyer or person hoping to learn more about today’s legal landscape, the book features chapters on the structure and business of a law firm; the corporate law department; the emergence of law companies; legal technology; access to justice; employment and diversity in the legal profession; lawyer well-being; and legal education reform. Students will learn from detailed, insightful interviews of people working in law, including a co-founder of a leading law company; a legal innovation designer; the vice president and chief risk officer of a global medical technology company; a deputy legal counsel for an artist crowdfunding platform startup; a national pro bono counsel; law school deans; a law firm managing partner; and a senior director of knowledge and innovation delivery. Interactive exercises and questions for reflection and discussion are included throughout the book. This book, with its innovative holistic approach to the business of law, is ideal for business of law or legal professions courses, law school orientation, legal career services programs, and seminars on the legal profession."
Cover Art100 Days to Your Next Job for Law Students and New JDs by Pamela Davidson
ISBN: 9781640208513
Publication Date: 2019-07-15
From the publisher: "100 Days to Your Next Job for Law Students and New JDs lays down a proven job search strategy to transform job seekers into new employees within just 100 days. The book’s progressive week-by-week format provides a unique and flexible plan that eliminates the uncertainty and anxiety from one of life’s biggest stressors – landing that next job. This accessible format is perfect for time-pressed students and eager new graduates, and is a must-read for anyone heading into the legal job market.
100 Days does for job searching what bar prep courses do for the bar exam – transforming a challenging and overwhelming event into an achievable success story! 100 Days is a must-have for all law students and graduates to guide them to their first legal job and all future career transitions.

The author, Pamela Davidson, Esq., condenses her ten years of legal placement and recruiting experience into an easy-to-read guide that breaks down the barriers of job searching logistics: where to search for jobs, how to land a job, how to get a better paying job or a more meaningful job, and how to negotiate salaries. With 100 Days, you have your own personal career coach who will help you achieve success in your legal career."
Cover ArtSwimming Lessons for Baby Sharks by Grover Cleveland
ISBN: 9781647085490
Publication Date: 2022-06-01
From the publisher: " The go-to book for new lawyer success at leading firms and schools, Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks contains critical advice new graduates need to thrive. Completely revised and updated, the Third Edition includes vital new information on navigating a hybrid work environment. The new edition also includes expanded guidance on networking, client service, business development, time and project management, and many other topics. The goal is simple: to help new lawyers start strong, because experience is the most expensive way to learn. With an easily readable style, Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks helps new lawyers finesse unwritten rules and stay afloat in a challenging profession. The book contains hundreds of tips with inside information from successful lawyers nationwide. Humorous, real-life examples illustrate the lessons along with checklists to provide comprehensive advice quickly. The book has been called a 'game changer' and partners at firms nationwide recommend it for associates."
Cover ArtHallett's Becoming a Public Interest Lawyer by Nicole Hallett
ISBN: 9781636597706
Publication Date: 2022-08-30
From the publisher: "Becoming a Public Interest Lawyer is a comprehensive guide for prospective, current, and recently-graduated law students who want a career in public interest law. It helps students decide which kind of public interest job is right for them and then gives them the tools and information they need to land their dream job. It provides candid, practical advice on how to choose a law school, survive the first year, develop a resume, search for a job, and manage student debt. Extended sections cover summer internships, public interest fellowships, law school extracurricular activities, and life after law school as a public interest lawyer. It is written for those who want to use their law degree to do good in the world but who need help charting their path. Anyone can have a meaningful, successful public interest legal career. This book lights the way."

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