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Booking a Room

Instructions on how to reserve a seat, study or conference rooms.

Booking a Room

  1. From the public booking page, select the Location where you'd like to book a space. Or, to view all public locations, select View All Locations.
  2. Select the Category of space you'd like to book.
  3. Use the Capacity dropdown to filter the list of rooms based upon how many people they can accommodate.
  4. Navigate to the date when you want to book a space.
    1. Use the  Go to Date button to select a specific date.
    2. Use the Back and Forward buttons to navigate between weeks.
    3. Use the horizontal scroll bar to navigate between days in the current week.
  5. Click on an available time slot for a space to start a booking at that time. Available time slots will be colored green.
    1. To view more info about a space, including the photo, description, and directions, click on the room's Info badge.
  6. For the selected room, you can select a different due time from the dropdown menu. 
    1. To cancel the booking for this room, click the Delete button.
  7. Click the Submit Times button.
    1. Or, if you would like to book equipment along with this space, click on the  Add Equipment button. This will take you to the Equipment Booking catalog, where the space will be added to your cart. You will complete the booking process from there.
  8. Review any terms & conditions for this space, then click Continue.
    1. To modify your booking, click the Change link under the Booking Details.
  9. Fill out the booking form.
    1. If your category has public nicknames enabled, there will be a field where you can give your booking a name (e.g. Study Group). This will add your booking to a searchable list that will allow other users to more easily find your booking, which is especially useful for events, workshops, or study groups.
    2. To modify your booking, click the Change link under the Booking Details.

Example of how to navigate available spaces

Example of terms & conditions

Example of submitting a booking form